Field Service

At CanDyne Services Inc., we understand the importance of getting your system up & running. This is why we are committed to Delivering Quality Service 24/7. Our high professional standards and reliable customer service have allowed us to build & maintain strong relationships with our clients. Our Service Technicians are knowledgeable and properly trained to provide a wide range of services, from initial start-up, to preventative maintenance, to pump repair.

CanDyne Services Inc. provides the following services:

  • Certified Mechanics / Millwrights
  • Pump Repair (on site or at shop)
  • Pump rebuilding / remanufacturing
  • Full machine shop services
  • Welding
  • Troubleshooting consultation
  • Laser alignment
  • Mobile truck services
  • Hotshot service
  • Rentals

Preventative Maintenance

At CanDyne Services Inc., we understand that a considerable investment has been made towards your pump packages and systems, making the ability to maintain and extend the life of your investment of upmost importance. We offer an extensive Preventative Maintenance Package to ensure your investment is protected.

This package includes an assortment of checks and balances so you can be confident your pump system is working at peak performance and dramatically reduce the possibility of a catastrophic system failure. The cost of a Preventative Maintenance program has proven time and time again to be a much more cost effective than unexpected or untimely repairs.


Machining is a relatively simply process, but understanding how it should be applied correctly requires experience.  A precise skillset is required to re-sleeve a stuffing box or fluid end and to make sure it is done correctly. At CanDyne Services Inc., we believe in doing the repair right…the first time!

The expertise of our technicians provides you a cost effective option to repair a component, rather than replace it, often saving you TIME and MONEY!

Laser Alignment

CanDyne Services Inc. offers laser alignment for pump package installations and as part of your preventative maintenance package if requested.

These analyses are important to prolonging the life of your pump, engine or electric motor systems. We use state of the art equipment and follow strict industry guidelines as set out by the manufacturer’s standards to confirm alignment integrity.

We use the S-670 Stealth Shaft Alignment system, the newest technology available from Hyatt Industries. This system allows us to perform alignments on most major brands of pumps and pump systems.

Our experienced technicians will be able to determine whether your pump and/or system is working within normal parameters, or if adjustments need to be made to have it working at an optimum level.

Call our Service Division at 780.814.9995 to discuss your service needs.